Together We Stand

There is a place for you at Chosen Generation Ministries. Here are some of our ministries:

Men’s Ministry: Men of Valor

CGM Men’s Ministry is a group of dynamic Christian men who all want the same thing – to get closer to God, and take our positions as men in our homes, community, and city. We want to create an environment where men with real questions, can get real answers, naturally and spiritually, according to God’s Word.

Meeting Date/Time: Tuesday’s at 6:45PM


Woman’s Ministry

CGM Woman’s Ministry features women who love, live, and lead like Christ. Our monthly meetings and events are geared to help women grow spiritually and naturally. Our mission is to embrace, love, and grow with each other!

Meeting Date/Time: Tuesday’s at 6:45PM


Singles Ministry

The Singles ministry is designed for enriching singles through igniting conversations, fun activities, and thrilling events. We are diverse beings, some younger, some older. Some previously married, some never married. But, we all are God’s possession! Through our meetings we are able to grow, learn, and have great fellowship! Meeting Date/Time: Every Third Saturday at

Meeting Date/Time: Every Third Saturday at determined location.


Chosen Kids

Chosen Kids Ministry is a fun and safe way for your kids to learn and develop their own relationship with Jesus! Through fun learning lessons and activities, our Kids learn about the Bible in an enjoyable way, with kids their ages!

Meeting Date/Time: Sundays at 10AM